Self Tapping Screw

Phillips Pan Head Self-tapping Screw Stainless Steel

  • Material: A2/A4/SUS304/SUS316
  • Head type: Pan Head
  • Driving features:cross
  • Diameter: ST2.2、ST2.9 、ST3.5 、ST3.9、 ST4.2 、ST4.8 、ST5.5 、ST6.3
  • Length: 4.5mm-100mm
  • Packing: Box、Carton、Pallet
  • Application : Electrical equipment,Mechanical products, Car Industry, Marine industry

Phillips pan head Tapping Screw Stainless Steel 304/316

  • Cross slot designed for easy rotation and locking.
  • Ensure precise and secure fastening without any slipping or detachment.
  • Our screws boast excellent rust resistance and wear resistance, guaranteeing long-lasting performance in any application.