Self Tapping Screw

Hexagon Head Self tapping Screw for Wood

  • Material: SUS304(A2)、carbon steel
  • Head type: Hexagon Head
  • Driving features:None
  • Diameter:   ST6  ST6.3  ST8  ST10  ST12
  • Length:  30mm~200mm
  • Packing: Box、Carton、Pallet
  • Application : Electrical equipment,Mechanical products, Car Industry, Marine industry, furniture, wood products, etc.

Hexagon Head Self tapping Screw for Wood






1.The hex head provides a secure grip for wrenches, so you can tighten them in place.


2.Made from stainless steel, they have excellent resistance to chemicals and salt water.


3.No residue burrs and impeccable thread alignment, Ensures smooth and efficient installation without any thread shortages.

Packing Details

12 small boxes per carton. 36 cartons per pallet.