Self Tapping Screw

Hexagon Socket Countersunk Head Self-tapping Screw

  • Material: A2/A4/SUS304/SUS316
  • Head type: Flat Head
  • Driving features:Hexagon socket
  • Diameter:  ST3  ST4  ST5  ST6
  • Length:  6mm~60mm
  • Packing: Box、Carton、Pallet
  • Application : Electrical equipment,Mechanical products, Car Industry, Marine industry

Stainless Steel Hexagon Socket Countersunk Head Self-tapping Screw

  • The hex socket screw head has a hex shape, providing a greater torque transmission area and reducing the possibility of sliding and sliding.
  • Tight fit to the screw head shape prevents the tool from slipping out of the limiting slot, providing better handling and control.
  • Can be applied to a variety of environments and conditions, including high temperature, high pressure and high vibration environment.

Packing Details

12 small boxes per carton. 36 cartons per pallet.