Self Tapping Screw

DIN7971 Pan Slotted Head Tapping Screws

  • Material: SUS304(A2)/SUS316(A4)
  • Threading: Fully Threaded
  • Diameter:ST2.2, ST2.9, ST3.5, ST3.9, ST4.2, ST4.8, ST5.5, ST6.3
  • Length: 4.5mm~100mm

DIN7984 Stainless Steel Low-Profile Socket Head Screws





1.Pointed screws are the most common tapping screw. They have a pointed end to penetrate thin material such as sheet metal, and soft material such as wood and drywall.

2. DIN7971 is high quality slotted pan head self tapping screw and Stainless steel self tapping screw which limit the possibility of rusting.

3. All sizes of standard slotted pan head tapping screw are in accordance with DIN7971. Special thread lengths and non-standard lengths available on request.

 Sizes available:

Packing Details:

12 small boxes per carton. 36 cartons per pallet.